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Dana Nadeau

Contact Info

AddressP.O. Box 755
Kilauea, HI 96754
United States
Daytime phone808-652-7411
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Dana Nadeau grew up in southern California. His father was an engineer, his mother, an art major in college. So he is genetically predisposed to an artistic life that requires technical aptitude.
Early in his adult life he thought of becoming a minister. He finished seminary in the 70’s, and has been an active member in his church ever since. He does everything from preaching and teaching, to working with a shovel, to playing harmonica on the worship team. He takes photos for them too.
His first foray to the Hawaiian Islands was in 1971 when he made the customary winter long trip to surfing Mecca “The North Shore” of Oahu. Over the ensuing years he made several additional trips to the Hawaiian Islands, falling more and more in love with the place each time. He finally made the leap to fulltime residence on Kauai in early 1989, when he designed and built his own home in Kilauea. He still lives in that home.
Dana excels in many arts including painting, woodworking, and architectural design. He fell in love with photography when he studied it in college in the early 70’s and has been shooting regularly ever since. He started a photography business on Kauai in 1991.
Dana is proficient in many types of photography, but his greatest love photographing people, especially family portraits and weddings. He knows the importance of capturing each moment, whether it's a kiss, a sunset, or the glint in a child's eyes. He loves people, and working with people, and his photos reflect that.
Through the years he has developed an extensive collection of scenic/fine art images of some of Kauai’s most dramatic locations. His artwork is displayed at various locations around Kauai and on the internet at GardenIslandPhotography.com.
Dana was chosen by Frommers’s Travel Guide to shoot the photos (70 locations) for Kauai in their Hawaii Day by Day state travel guide.
His business philosophy is “A Great Experience makes Great Photos!”

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