Garden Island Photography | Ordering Instructions

There are two options for ordering your prints:


Option 1 - If you like your images as you see them you can order directly from the proofing website.  In that case you can pay through the website.  Please let me know if you plan to order directly through Zenfolio, and I will issue you your print credit before you make your order.

A couple of things to keep in mind if you order through Zenfolio:  Please note that when you go to your cart you can crop any of the photos you order.  Also, if you order anything larger than 8x10 I recommend that you have it mounted on a foam core back to keep it flat for framing.  You order that in cart also; under the “Frame it” link.  You do not have to order a frame to order the mounting.


Option 2 - Ordering directly through me.

This takes a little more time, but you get a better product.  Also, you pay by check directly to me on this option.  You only use the proofing site to view and decide on which images to order. 

This is what happens when you order through me:

The images you see on Zenfolio are color corrected, and the exposures and contrast have been fine-tuned, so they are already good.  It is possible some images may be further improved upon. These improvements would include; leveling/straightening the horizon, rechecking color and exposure, balancing brightness of faces in big group shots, if the shot is a close-up and there is a blemish or two that are easy to fix I may do that, (real retouching is addressed below) or cropping to make the most of the image. (Cropping can also be done by you when you order through the proofing site, but I will do it from an artist’s perspective.)  These steps are not difficult, but they’re not something I want to do to every image. 

IMPORTANT:  If you would like your prints to go through this process, please let me know by placing your order through me by email instead of ordering through Zenfolio.  I will check over each image and make those improvements.  The cost to you will remain the same as you would pay on Zenfolio.  I will apply your print credit (if applicable) when I give you a quote for your prints.  There is only one party per shoot to whom the print credit is applicable. 

You may pay by check once a quote is given for your print order.


Also, please consider this:  If you would like retouching (cleaning up blemishes, shine, stray hairs, minimizing wrinkles, etc.) on specific images you will need to order directly through me.  If you want to be specific on retouching details, you can communicate to me what you would like to see when you make your order.  I will let you know how much the additional cost would be to clean those up.  It is a good idea to have retouching done on images 8x10 and larger.

On large canvas prints and gallery wraps or metal prints I do standard retouching for free.

To see the difference “retouching” makes on a photo please go to this link


Keep in mind that there is a lot that can be done to images these days.  If you like an image but it is a little too dark or light for your taste, or there are other changes that think would improve an image, please ask.  I want you to be happy with the final product.



All photos can be printed in color, sepia or black and white.  You can get an idea how your photos will look with those options by putting them in your cart in Zenfolio, and then clicking on the “Color Conversion” button.


We now offer a beautiful array of wall groupings of various kinds on our proofing site.  You will see the link for that at the bottom of the “Featured Products” list when you click on any photo in your gallery. 


When you make up an order for me by email, please designate the category for each image as well as the FOUR DIGIT IMAGE NUMBER that appears under the picture when you have an individual image opened.  Using the FOUR DIGIT IMAGE NUMBER minimizes the chances of confusion, as those are the original numbers generated by my camera.  They are the image numbers that I work with directly. 



Here is a sample format that is easy for me to understand if you order through me by email:


Img # - Quantity – size(s)


Family at Sunset

2683,  1 - 8x10, 3 - 5x7, 4 – 4x6


2884,  2 - 5x7



Suzie close-up

7643,  1 – 8x12 (Please remove people from background and blemishes and shine on Susie’s face.)



Family Walking

7641,  1 - 24x36 gallery wrap

7641,  25 - Christmas Cards (Happy Holidays – Burgundy)

7641, 4 – 5x7



Also, if you are not the original named person who hired me for the shoot, please let me know the party’s last name, and the shoot date (even approximate date is helpful).


When I create your order I always crop for maximizing the content\interest.  If you have particular wishes regarding cropping certain images, please specify.


If you would, please forward this email to the others who will want to view these photos.  

You should find the Zenfolio website easy to use, but if you have any questions or problems, please let me know.


Thanks again,


Dana Nadeau

2410 Kahe Street, Kilauea HI 96754





Please note:  FLAT CANVAS PRINTS are not offered through the Zenfolio website at this time.  If you would like a flat canvas print mounted on double weight matboard for framing (as opposed to a gallery wrap which is designed to hang directly on the wall) please order that through me.  The prices on flat canvas prints are as follows:


12x18   $212.50

16x20   $250.00

16x24   $295.00

20x24   $310.00

20x30   $375.00

24x30   $450.00

24x36   $495.00


If you would like a flat canvas print in a size you do not see here, please let me know and I will give you a price.



These are prints on flat aluminum with rounded corners.  They have a backing that makes them float off the wall about half an inch.  They can be printed with a very high gloss finish that makes the colors pop.


Metal print groupings are currently offered on my proofing site, but I’m still in the process of creating the single metal print page for that.  The prices for those are as follows: